SQLInspect: a static analyzer for SQL statements embedded in Java code

As the application deals with more data, it becomes harder to cope with scalability and efficiency. Similarly, as the database schema becomes more complex, the complexity of the code handling it also increases, and we have to put more effort in optimizing our communication with the database. In particular, the maintenance of SQL statements embedded in the source code can become very cumbersome. Fragments of query strings are usually scattered throughout the source code and we never really see the final SQL statements assembled and sent to the database.

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Work with databases in Eclipse IDE: is there a silver bullet?

When you start working with different databases in your project, the first question that arises is: "What kind of instrumentation should I choose – a single universal tool or a set of various tools?"

We decided to try to look into this problem carefully.  In our talk we will go through advantages as well as problems and challenges that might occur when you work with a bunch of databases (SQL or NoSQL).

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