Reactive Systems with Eclipse Vert.x and Kubernetes

Eclipse Vert.x is a toolkit to create reactive distributed and polyglot applications on the Java Virtual Machine. Vert.x is incredibly flexible - whether it's simple network utilities, sophisticated modern web applications, REST services, high volume event processing or a full blown back-end message-bus application, Vert.x is a great fit and has demonstrated huge benefits in production. There is another domain where Vert.x shines: scalable microservice systems.

Vert.x applications are not traditional applications: they are reactive. A Vert.x application is responsive, elastic, resilient and uses asynchronous messaging saving resources and handling a huge level of concurrency.

When using on a Cloud platform, your Vert.x application is generally packaged as a single Jar file. In this talk, we will demonstrate how Vert.x leverages Kubernetes capabilities to let you build a microservice systems. Once your jar has been pushed, Vert.x takes care of most of the burden: service discovery, resilience, clustering, load-balancing, rolling updates and so on.

This session demonstrates how the combination of Vert.x and Kubernetes make the development, deployment, and management of microservices burdenless.  It’s a slide-less session… pure live coding.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 10:45 to 11:20

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