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Akuiteo is a the software management platform for services companies. Technically it is composed of multiple servers and different clients:a mobile application, 2 web applications and a Rich Client based on Eclipse RCP.

After many years of faithful services, RCP 3.7 was too old, contains many drawbacks (extension points dispersed, code strongly attached to the framework... ) and buggy for MacOS users.

In 2017 we decide to migrate to Eclipse E4, in order to enjoy the assets of this platform: application model, injection and annotations, CSS Styling... This was the project "Oxygen" aka "Akuiteo 4.0".

We took advantage of this big update to redesign the interface (that was conceived 10 years ago) to make our rich client modern, user-friendly and beautiful for all our all-day users.

The goal of this talk is to :

  • Explain the process of migration
  • Give tips and share our experiences to help you to avoid pitfalls
  • Present the benefits of e4 platform
  • Present the new design and the actions we performed to make our application great again

This talk is dedicated to RCP developers that want to move to e4 or to improve the look n'feel of their application.

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