Parallel Builds in Eclipse IDE Workspace: value, making-of and optimal usages

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Eclipse Platform 4.8 introduced support for parallel builds in the workspace. This feature is placed at the lowest level of the workspace so it can easily be profitable to any adopter without specific adoption effort, besides respecting usual good practices. This can in theory turn the Eclipse workspace into one of the fastest polyglot build engines in developer world.

In this presentation, we’ll explain what is the value to expect from this parallel builds (mostly performance gain and faster availability of project output).

Then we’ll also get into the details of how all that is implemented, reminding ourselves some basics of dependency resolution, graph processing and scheduling rules. We’ll remind the important best practices of builders and scheduling in the Eclipse resource model that are necessary to reach best results.

And we’ll go through a few case studies of project builders to highlight how those may be improved to take advantage of parallel builds.


After this presentation, plugin developers will be empowered to make their project builders take advantage of parallel builds in Eclipse IDE, and may get ideas about really using this feature as an alternative build engine to speed up their headless builds as well.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 11:30 to 12:05

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