Papyrus as a Platform

Model-based engineering tools are most successful, if they are as domain-specific as possible, reflecting the specific needs of the domain and its users. Thus, not only a domain-specific modeling language, but also a specialized modeling environment is required that takes the domain users' background, their roles, and currently used infrastructure into account. Often, the domain-specific modeling languages have a considerable overlap with UML though. Since domain-specificity is required, however, re-using available UML tools and parts of UML is often not considered an option so that tool builders have to develop the domain-specific modeling tools from scratch.

In this talk, we demonstrate that Papyrus is no longer "just" an off-the-shelf UML modeling tool, but rather a modeling platform that allows tool builders to create domain-specific modeling tools that re-use and extend parts of UML. We show how Papyrus can be customized and extended for domain-specificity and in which scenarios Papyrus is a neat option for increasing re-use and, thereby, decreasing the development time needed for building domain-specific modeling tools.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 09:45 to 10:20

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