OPC UA – PLC, gateway & cloud with open source

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This talk will show how Eclipse 4DIAC Forte (PLC runtime), Eclipse Kura (IoT Gateway), Eclipse Kapua (IoT cloud platform) and Eclipse Milo (OPC UA SDK) will be used in conjunction with Apache Camel and Apache Kafka to provide OPC UA on the sensor level, the gateway level and on the cloud level. With a focus on Eclipse IoT projects this talk will also peek at other open source projects for implementing this scenario.

OPC UA (aka IEC 62541) is a communication protocol focused on the industrial IoT world, used not only in automation solutions and an important component in Industry 4.0 scenarios.

If you want to get an overview of what is possible with open source when it comes to OPC UA, then this talk is for you. See a few slides and get a few pointers of interesting projects in order to understand what the scenario provides. Peek at an example project to understand how to get started when you are back home. And of course enjoy the magic of a blinking LED.

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I don't understand the acronyms in title. Can you consider finding a more accessible one?

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