MQTT 5.0 is here - and Eclipse Paho is ready

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The IoT protocol MQTT has existed since 1998, but its popularity has blossomed since open source implementations of both clients and servers became widely available.  Two of the most popular implementations have homes in the Eclipse Foundation: the Paho clients and Mosquitto server.  

Version 5.0 is arguably the biggest change ever for MQTT and is nearing completion at the OASIS standards body.  The first OASIS standard version of MQTT, 3.1.1, introduced only minor changes from the previous specification because the aim was to complete it quickly.  With version 5.0, the aim is to fix all those niggles that had built up over the years of experience with 3.1.1 implementations.  I will explain some of the major issues with 3.1.1 and illustrate how MQTT 5.0 fixes them.

I will demonstrate the Eclipse Paho MQTT 5.0 clients that we have ready, along with an MQTT 5.0 server implementation that we use for testing.  Of course, all these are available right now for experimentation and starting implementations.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 09:45 to 10:20

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