Modeling tools go up to the cloud…

In this talk we will present our plan to move Eclipse Sirius to the web and the cloud. At Obeo, we have been working on modeling tools in general, and on Sirius in particular, for a long time now. Until now, Sirius has relied exclusively on the Eclipse Platform, and consequently the graphical modelers based on it are desktop applications. Today we are ready to work with you to bring graphical modeling tools up to the cloud.

What would be the advantages of a cloud based modeling tool? What changes this require in the architecture of the Sirius’ project? And what you can expect in the next version?

We will demonstrate the different levels of integration we currently have, in particular how we leverage projects like Sprotty, ELK, Theia and Che to move diagrams into the browser.

We will also present the Graphical Server Protocol initiative, which will define a platform-agnostic protocol between a diagram editor in the browser and a graphical server that manages the corresponding models in the cloud.

Come to this talk to discover what could be the future of Eclipse Modeling on the web, discover how you can bring your own tools to the cloud, and participate in this exciting endeavour!

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Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 09:00 to 09:35

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