The Reactive Cuisine

Sick of the strict rules from traditional frameworks? Aspire to more freedom? Want to see some reactive code? In this talk learn to be a reactive stack Chef using the un-opinionated approach chosen by Eclipse Vert.x. Pick your language, your development model, the components from the thrilling Vert.x ecosystem, shake it and serve it hot!

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How to Easily Document your RESTful API Contracts

Exposing APIs has become an essential aspect of all modern applications and services.  For both the clients and providers of these services to properly communicate there needs to be a clear, complete, and concise contract.  And, the definition of this contract has to be easy.  The OpenAPI v3 specification (https://www.openapis.org/) is the standard for RESTful services.  And, the Open API component of the Eclipse MicroProfile project defines the Java interfaces and annotations necessary to natively produce OpenAPI v3 documents from JAX-

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