Distributed Monitoring with MicroProfile Metrics, PCP and Prometheus

Eclipse MicroProfile Metrics provides a unified way for MicroProfile servers to share monitoring data with performance management systems. Metrics also provides a common Java API for exposing their telemetry data including unified and mutually understandable metadata. In this talk you will learn how MicroProfile Metrics gathers telemetry data about the JVM and underlying system from collectors like Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) and Parfait.

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SQLInspect: a static analyzer for SQL statements embedded in Java code

As the application deals with more data, it becomes harder to cope with scalability and efficiency. Similarly, as the database schema becomes more complex, the complexity of the code handling it also increases, and we have to put more effort in optimizing our communication with the database. In particular, the maintenance of SQL statements embedded in the source code can become very cumbersome. Fragments of query strings are usually scattered throughout the source code and we never really see the final SQL statements assembled and sent to the database.

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Automatic Project Assessment and Visualization based on Quality Models

Prosoul: Automatic Project Assessment and Visualization based on Quality Models

In project CROSSMINER [1] hundreds of different metrics related to software projects are generated: activity metrics like the number of commits or issues created, product metrics like code complexity or lines or code, community metrics like number of committers, issue reporters or newcomers or natural language processing metrics like comments emotions.

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