Language Server Protocol in Action: Bootiful Spring Tooling for Eclipse, VSCode, and Atom

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The Spring Tooling for the Eclipse IDE is one of the most popular extensions for Eclipse (in terms of marketplace stats). In this session we will unveil the next generation of it. This new generation, which is mostly built from scratch, is implemented on top of the language server protocol and uses the LSP integration for Eclipse, VSCode, and Atom. In each environment the new tools make it easier to develop Spring Boot applications, deploy applications to Cloud Foundry, develop CI pipelines for those apps, and more - by integrating with the existing Java tooling for those environments as well as providing additional editors for specific dialects of YAML.

In this session we will show all of these in action using live coding. Attendees will see the language-server-based tooling for writing, running, testing, and debugging Spring boot applications using the Spring Tool Suite, Eclipse, Atom, and Visual Studio Code. We will show the new ultra-fast source-code navigation for Spring code and demo the new live hover features, which enrich source code with detailed and Spring-specific information from live-running applications - providing you detailed insight into bean wirings, request mappings, condition evaluations, and more.

We will take a quick look at the underlying technology that enables this new tooling architecture and how it enabled us to re-use the same tooling across a variety of editors and IDEs.

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