From Java EE to Jakarta EE: a user perspective

During 20 years, we have been accustomed to Java EE (previously J2EE) managed by the Java Community Process. Not all of us were fully happy with this situation: we have often been frustrated by its slow process and its sometimes bloated specifications. But at least,  it was considered as a long-term standard.  In less than 6 months, everything has changed and now, we have Jakarta EE managed by the Eclipse Foundation. Who could have imagined such a change in a short period of time?

In my blog post “Where is Java EE going?” (l,  published in Junuary 2018, I have tried to explain the overall situation  from a user perspective. I was very happy to see my blog reposted by the Java EE Guardians (l

In this talk, I will update and enhance my analysis: as Java EE users, what can we expect for the future? Is the Java platform limited to legacy applications? How will evolve the specifications and the application servers? Will Jakarta EE be able to thrive in this world of reactive programming, containerization, serverless and cloud-native applications?

I will share a broad perspective about the new shape of the ecosystem:

  • the actors in place, the old ones and the new comers,
  • the state of Java EE and Jakarta EE ,
  • the challenges ahead of us.

You are very welcome to my talk if you want to understand what is at stake with the arrival Jakarta EE.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 16:30 to 17:05

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