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Last fall at EclipseCon Europe we held a panel discussion on EE4J, the new top-level project at Eclipse for housing the Java EE contributions coming from Oracle.  It was very well attended and had excellent discussion.  Now that we are a few months further into this process, let's have another panel discussion on where we are at with Jakarta EE.  We can start with some preliminary charts to explain the current state of affairs, and then open it up for questions.  The make-up of the panel will be determined by who shows up from all of the Jakarta EE participants, but at least we can count on

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Jakarta EE - Not Your Parents' Java EE

Already we can see and feel that the development of "Java EE" after the contribution to Eclipse will be different from the past.  We are seeing enthusiasm and participation from the various teams at an all-time high!  But, what will be different after these contributions to EE4J (Eclipse Enterprise for Java) is complete?  Come to this session to learn what's changing, besides just the name...  :-)  I will give you an overview of the projects already transferred and what projects are left.  I will also give an overview of the new and updated processes, as well as what processes still need so

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