Introducing Eclipse Cyclone DDS

Eclipse Cyclone DDS is an implementation of the Data Distribution Service (DDS),  a standard for interoperable, secure, and efficient data sharing, used at the foundation of some of the most challenging Consumer and Industrial IoT applications, such as Smart Cities, Autonomous Vehicles, Smart Grids, Smart Farming, Home Automation and Connected Medical Devices.

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fog05: Computing, networking and storage end-to-end

Fog computing aims at providing horizontal, system-level, abstractions to distribute computing, storage, control and networking functions closer to the user along a cloud-to-thing continuum. Whilst fog computing is increasingly recognized as the key paradigm at the foundation of Consumer and Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), most of the initiatives on fog computing focus on extending cloud infrastructure. As a consequence, these infrastructure fall short in addressing heterogeneity and resource constraints characteristics of fog computing environments.

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Industrial IoT - Eclipse 4diac


How to integrate and use the eclipse 4diac runtime environment on your custom hardware target.


In the different IoT presentations for the industry 4.0, we often talk about the problem of data processing but very rarely the equipment that produces them.

This presentation will explain how to use the eclipse 4diac project to create an industrial PLC device with your custom electronic board.

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