Parallel Builds in Eclipse IDE Workspace: value, making-of and optimal usages

Eclipse Platform 4.8 introduced support for parallel builds in the workspace. This feature is placed at the lowest level of the workspace so it can easily be profitable to any adopter without specific adoption effort, besides respecting usual good practices. This can in theory turn the Eclipse workspace into one of the fastest polyglot build engines in developer world.

In this presentation, we’ll explain what is the value to expect from this parallel builds (mostly performance gain and faster availability of project output).

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IDE as a Front-end and Fast time-to-market language support in Eclipse IDE relying on LSP, TextMate and CLI: C# and Rust case studies

In this 5min presentation, we’ll show how the best-of-breed approach can now efficiently be leveraged in Eclipse IDE to quickly provide a good language support by consuming existing pieces of technologies such as language servers, TextMate grammars and Command-Line interfaces.

We’ll use the examples of Eclipse aCute (for C#) and Eclipse Corrosion (for Rust) as case-studies.

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Embedded automotive applications are just a few clicks away

STMicroelectronics offers a wide portfolio of microcontrollers (MCUs) for automotive applications, including the 32-bit SPC5 family, built on Power Architecture® technology.

SPC5Studio is a free of charge, RCP based integrated development environment provided to our customers to develop their embedded applications. Mainly based on CDT, SPC5Studio uses a large variety of other Eclipse projects (RCPTT, Eclipse Modeling Project, Eclipse Market place client, JBoss Freemarker, Eclipse Web tools Platform, ...)
In this talk I will present:
• how we extracted I/O pin mapping definition from MCU designers' settings database,
• how we ensure consistency checking between various parts of MCU configuration,
• how the configuration is used to generate user CDT application project, with code templates,
• the choices that we made using Eclipse ecosystem and marketplace in order to develop, test, validate and deploy the tool itself, but also its embedded drivers and applications.

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IoT cloud development with Che

Large scale IoT deployments do require a scalable cloud infrastructure. But now that all your stuff runs on the cloud, what about your development platform? How will you develop, debug and modify and test your applications?

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