Guide to Model Based Systems Engineering successful adoption with Capella

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This presentation will focus on key factors in order to adopt Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) successfully with Arcadia/Capella.

What are the questions to ask before embracing MBSE, how to organize teams, what are the key steps of adoption, what are the main pitfalls?

We will try to provide insight into recent Capella adoption efforts from various companies, lessons learned and best practices.

Aurélien Pupier (Red Hat)'s picture

I think that you should specify what is MBSE (maybe even in title). As I heard about Capella before, I guessed that it was somethign related to Modeling but this can a subject that can interess a lot of Java EE/EE4J users which will not know but will participate in this EclipseCon France.

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Pascal Roques (PRFC)'s picture

Very good advice! Done :-)

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Axel Reichwein's picture

Important topic!

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