Embedded automotive applications are just a few clicks away

STMicroelectronics offers a wide portfolio of microcontrollers (MCUs) for automotive applications, including the 32-bit SPC5 family, built on Power Architecture® technology.

SPC5Studio is a free of charge, RCP based integrated development environment provided to our customers to develop their embedded applications. Mainly based on CDT, SPC5Studio uses a large variety of other Eclipse projects (RCPTT, Eclipse Modeling Project, Eclipse Market place client, JBoss Freemarker, Eclipse Web tools Platform, ...)

SPC5Studio uses a software framework based on a layered application model with hundreds of application samples, which help customers to start their development with our MCUs.

Due to the growing complexity of MCUs, reference manuals are getting bigger and bigger (thousands of pages), and customers need help to configure them. In particular, they need a flexible and user friendly way of configuring the various peripherals (CAN, DSPI, I2C, ADC, Ethernet...) and cores.

Two of the most complex configurations being on one hand I/O pin mapping to keep in sync printed circuit boards (PCB) with software development, and on the other hand clock tree setup with frequencies constraints. SPC5Studio provides for this purpose two dedicated graphical editors.

In this talk I will present:
• how we extracted I/O pin mapping definition from MCU designers' settings database and get it included in the tool,
• how we ensure consistency checking between various parts of MCU configuration (e.g. clock tree frequencies),
• how the configuration is used to generate user CDT application project, with code templates,
• the choices that we made using Eclipse ecosystem and marketplace in order to develop, test, validate and deploy the tool itself, but also its embedded drivers and applications.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 13:30 to 14:05
Ghislain BALLESTER (ST Microelectronics)'s picture

I fully support this talk, as MCU configurators are becoming mandatory for any chipset vendor who want to go mass market.

All key industry players are moving this direction. Moreover those who were using other frameworks (or no framework at all) are requested to transition to Eclipse.

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Giuseppe Di Giore's picture

Nowadays micro-controllers are complex.

The configuration of the peripherals and their pins is a complicated part.
The usage of a configuration tool simplifies that part of programming.

A configuration tool automatically performs configuration consistency check,
helps in discovering the various configurations applicable to each pin,
defines a pin configuration with few clicks.

So if this tool is also integrated into a development environment like Eclipse
it is an added value to which it is difficult to renounce.

Fully support this talk!

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Pierre KAIKATI's picture

A consistent framework with both development AND configuration tools... 

Very interesting !!

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Evaluate a solution and go fast to your main target, becomes fastidious and not efficient if you must study several thousand pages of datasheet. SPC5Studio provides a simple way to get the right setup for your evaluation, and free time for developper to focus on their skills.


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Philippe Cornu (STMicroelectronics)'s picture

I fully support this talk about a really useful, fast & interesting tool based on eclipse and its ecosystem.
For sure you'll need SPC5Studio to evaluate your next MCU based solution ... and SPC5Studio will save you so much time!

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ha nguyen (st microlelectronics)'s picture

This framework is very easy to use.

Install, choose your MCU and let's play with the user friendly interface.

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Jerome Durand's picture

Very efficient and easy to use tool to speed up your devs.

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Emmanuel Grandin (STMicroelectronics International N.V.)'s picture

This tool has been developped with user experience in mind : whatever can simplify user steps in configuring the microcontroller is done.

This is a very good example of what can be done with Eclipse with this mindset

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Jacques Girard (STMicroelectronics)'s picture

It is amazing how SPC5Studio can simplify developers' life !

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Michel Wojdaszka's picture

Beginning in the world of the automobile, this tool makes it possible to configure and program the microcontrollers simply.

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