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Embedded automotive applications are just a few clicks away

STMicroelectronics offers a wide portfolio of microcontrollers (MCUs) for automotive applications, including the 32-bit SPC5 family, built on Power Architecture® technology.

SPC5Studio is a free of charge, RCP based integrated development environment provided to our customers to develop their embedded applications. Mainly based on CDT, SPC5Studio uses a large variety of other Eclipse projects (RCPTT, Eclipse Modeling Project, Eclipse Market place client, JBoss Freemarker, Eclipse Web tools Platform, ...)
In this talk I will present:
• how we extracted I/O pin mapping definition from MCU designers' settings database,
• how we ensure consistency checking between various parts of MCU configuration,
• how the configuration is used to generate user CDT application project, with code templates,
• the choices that we made using Eclipse ecosystem and marketplace in order to develop, test, validate and deploy the tool itself, but also its embedded drivers and applications.

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Eclipse Theia - Cloud & Desktop IDE

Eclipse Theia is a modular framework for building cloud and desktop IDEs. It is implemented in TypeScript and leverages state of the art web technology and components like the Monaco editor that also powers VS Code. Theia has been designed in open-source by TypeFox and Ericsson through 2017.

In this session, you will learn what Theia is, how it works and what kind of applications it supports. We will talk about the motivation and cover the already developed and future features and extensions. The talk will include a demo part and will save some time for Q&A in the end.

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Nebula and Opal: The story of a commiter

I'm Laurent Caron, a brand new commiter of the project "Eclipse Nebula".

In this talk, I'm gonna present the new widgets that will compose the next version of Nebula, and I'll share also my experience in merging an existing project into an existing Nebula Project.

I'll describe all steps, the tools we use, the cooperation with different people, the mailing-list, ... and the happiness when you receive the mail "You are on scene".

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