Eclipse OM2M: oneM2M standards made simple for IoT developers

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an industrial vision of a new world of services. This world of services will emerge from the data and the functions provided by an increasing variety of connected devices.

Yet the subject of IoT is still not as uniform as today’s world wide web. It is a developing area still essentially made of distinct application domains : Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart City, Industry 4.0, e-Health, Logistics. And every application domain is defined by an ecosystem of players and a set of technical field constraints that lead to specific infrastructure standards.

Nevertheless, different IoT areas show common characteristics that should enable a 'horizontal' infrastructure addressing various IoT domains with common technical layers. The oneM2M global standardization organization has proposed a standardized cross-vertical layer enabling this vision. Now, oneM2M is finalizing the 3rd specification version and open source communities have made their implementations live since 2015.

Eclipse OM2M ( is one of the main open source implementations of these standards - it may be considered the main one. After a brief introduction of oneM2M standards, this talk will introduce how Eclipse OM2M is making the technology accessible to developers. Eclipse OM2M provides open source code for IoT cloud platforms and IoT gateways, device connector samples, application samples. Results of recent hackathons in Toulouse, in India, in Dallas will be shown. Available MooCs were made available by CNRS and INSA. Last but not least, a public online server is available for experiments with Swagger APIs thanks to Orange :

Perspectives will then be given on future contributions expected on semantics with ontologies adopted by oneM2M and on device management.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 16:30 to 17:05
Andreas Kraft (Deutsche Telekom AG)'s picture

The oneM2M standard gets more and more attention and is currently adopted worldwide. The Eclipse om2m project is an implementation of this standard, which is used in a lot of projects, hackathons etc, and is offering an important infrastructure component to build IoT ecosystems.

It can be expected that this talk will give a very good overview about the project and offer insights into the technology, especially since Orange is a very active contributor to the om2m project as well as to the oneM2M standard itself.

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