Eclipse Kuksa: Developing an open source connected vehicle ecosystem

The continuous evolution of the automotive domain raises challenges towards autonomous driving and additionally necessitates the utilization of cloud and IoT technologies in order to cope with advanced customer services. Open source projects potentially transcend the capabilities of proprietary and commercial products due to the transparent use of a dense and intertwined set of methodologies, protocols, tools, and connectivity approaches. The newly established Eclipse Kuksa project is part of the Eclipse IoT working group and aims at establishing an open connected vehicle ecosystem. A multitude of challenges, for example managing large amounts of vehicles and network bandwidth limitations, are addressed via a technology stack ranging from in-vehicle activities, across cloud back-end and front-end approaches, towards an IDE that supports security demands related to automotive implementations. Various existing Eclipse IoT projects play major parts within this technology stack. This talk will introduce the current state of Eclipse Kuksa project, including its selected and extended technologies, as well as demonstrate use cases and scenarios that are currently covered on the one hand and will be addressed in the future on the other hand.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2018 - 11:30 to 12:05

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