Eclipse JNoSQL: The Definitive Solution for Java and NoSQL Database

JNoSQL is a framework and collection of tools that make integration between Java applications and NoSQL quick and easy—for developers as well as vendors. The API is easy to implement, so NoSQL vendors can quickly implement, test, and become compliant by themselves. And with its low learning curve and just a minimal set of artifacts, Java developers can start coding by worrying not about the complexity of specific NoSQL databases but only their core aspects (such as graph or document properties). Built with functional programming in mind, it leverages all the features of Java 8. This session covers how the API is structured, how it relates to the multiple NoSQL database types, and how you can get started and involved in this open source technology.

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Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 10:45 to 11:20
Tanja Obradovic (Eclipse Foundation)'s picture

Hi Rafael,

it was great meeting you at the EclipseCon France!

I was wondering if you can upload slides for your presentation?

Many thanks!


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Rafael Chinelato Del Nero (SouJava / Equifax)'s picture

Hi Tanja,

It was great meeting you too, thanks for reaching out!

Of course, I can upload the slides!

I hope to see you again at other events!

Thank you,

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Rafael Chinelato Del Nero (SouJava / Equifax)'s picture

Tanja, I just uploaded the slides. It's on the slide-share as well:

Best regards,

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