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Kubernetes 101

The popularity of the Kubernetes platform is continuously increasing... for good reasons! It's a wonderful modular platform made out of fundamentals orthogonal bricks used to defined even more useful bricks. It enables a DevOps friendly envrionnment where microservices and continously delivery feel at home. 

If you have not yet dig into what is usually defined as a Cluster Operating System, it's time to catch-up! This thorough introduction to Kubernetes will cover:

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Eclipse Kuksa: Developing an open source connected vehicle ecosystem

The continuous evolution of the automotive domain raises challenges towards autonomous driving and additionally necessitates the utilization of cloud and IoT technologies in order to cope with advanced customer services. Open source projects potentially transcend the capabilities of proprietary and commercial products due to the transparent use of a dense and intertwined set of methodologies, protocols, tools, and connectivity approaches. The newly established Eclipse Kuksa project is part of the Eclipse IoT working group and aims at establishing an open connected vehicle ecosystem.

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