5 JavaScript and Visual Studio Code things that can better on the JVM you didn't know!

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When Java and JavaScript developers gather around the Coffee Machine to chat about their current development stack, the hip JavaScript developer will make fun of the poor Java backend guy because his stack is slow, bloated and can’t web scale.

But is it really? Perhaps if we were doing an analysis similar to the popular TV show Mythbusters we could make everyone understand that the JVM is a capable runtime and it has improved quite alot since 1998!

This talk was inspired by my open source development work at the Eclipse Vert.x project where I’m the main developer behind the web module and the current maintainer of the JavaScript language bindings.

My goal is to offer JavaScript developers a new runtime (a fast and capable runtime) to run their JavaScript code. Be it React.JS server side rendering sharing code between the frontend and backend or simple microservices. I believe that the JVM is a viable platform specially when working with legacy systems or more enterpris-y clients but still keeping the development stack up to date!

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I have the impression title is missing one word. Also, I don't understand why Visual Studio Code is mentioned in title as the description says nothing about it.

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