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Industrial IoT - Eclipse 4diac


How to integrate and use the eclipse 4diac runtime environment on your custom hardware target.


In the different IoT presentations for the industry 4.0, we often talk about the problem of data processing but very rarely the equipment that produces them.

This presentation will explain how to use the eclipse 4diac project to create an industrial PLC device with your custom electronic board.

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Eclipse JNoSQL: The Definitive Solution for Java and NoSQL Database

JNoSQL is a framework and collection of tools that make integration between Java applications and NoSQL quick and easy—for developers as well as vendors. The API is easy to implement, so NoSQL vendors can quickly implement, test, and become compliant by themselves. And with its low learning curve and just a minimal set of artifacts, Java developers can start coding by worrying not about the complexity of specific NoSQL databases but only their core aspects (such as graph or document properties). Built with functional programming in mind, it leverages all the features of Java 8.

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Meet & Greet the Eclipse Research Project Community

Since 2014, the Eclipse Foundation has been invited to join European Research projects to assist them in dissemination, community building, and OSS best practices. Today, we are directly involved in several EU projects and are in touch with several others who are interested in joining our dynamic community. Some of these projects are just starting, others are in the middle of their timeline and one is finishing in December 2018. Each of these projects has or will have an Eclipse project created on our forge.

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