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Open Data at Eclipse: the Crossminer Project

Crossminer is a EU-funded research project that aims to enable the monitoring, in-depth analysis and evidence-based selection of open source components, and to facilitate knowledge extraction from large open-source software repositories. As a partner of the project, the Eclipse Foundation is developing API endpoints and facilities to extract important amounts of data from the forge and make it available to the public, for the research community and the public at large.

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Build a 12-factor microservice in half an hour

Planning to build microservices? The best practice of building a first-class microservice is to follow 12-Factor app. But how to fulfill the 12-factor app rules, e.g. how to achieve externalise the configuration, fault tolerance, etc? Come to this session to build a 12-factor microservice using MicroProfile programming mode in half an hour with live code demo.

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Adopting Language Server for Apache Camel: feedback from a Java/Eclipse plugin developer perspective

Apache Camel is a well-known largely used integration framework which is providing different DSLs most notably inside Java and XML documents.

Dedicated tools are currently available only in 2 different IDEs, each with a very different set of features and no factorization between both. Most Apache Camel users don’t take into account existence of Camel Tooling in the choice of their IDE, as they focus on other criteria, so they miss to use the recommended tools. How to bring tooling to them?


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Jakarta EE - Not Your Parents' Java EE

Already we can see and feel that the development of "Java EE" after the contribution to Eclipse will be different from the past.  We are seeing enthusiasm and participation from the various teams at an all-time high!  But, what will be different after these contributions to EE4J (Eclipse Enterprise for Java) is complete?  Come to this session to learn what's changing, besides just the name...  :-)  I will give you an overview of the projects already transferred and what projects are left.  I will also give an overview of the new and updated processes, as well as what processes still need so

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Scalable and resilient security in microservice architectures: Leveraging Microprofile JWT-Auth

Sorry, you cannot withdraw any money, because the security service is temporarily unavailable. Kind Regards, your ATM.

In microservice architectures, latency and system failure are added risks. How do we architect our system that it can cope well with erroneous situations and prevent the authentication service become a bottleneck? This session walks you through the concept of token based security and explains how to design a scalable and fault-tolerant security system using the Microprofile JWT-Auth with an identity and access management solution.

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Nebula and Opal: The story of a commiter

I'm Laurent Caron, a brand new commiter of the project "Eclipse Nebula".

In this talk, I'm gonna present the new widgets that will compose the next version of Nebula, and I'll share also my experience in merging an existing project into an existing Nebula Project.

I'll describe all steps, the tools we use, the cooperation with different people, the mailing-list, ... and the happiness when you receive the mail "You are on scene".

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JAX-RS 2.1 & Beyond

The latest version of Java's API for RESTful services has been released.  With the open sourcing of Java EE to EE4J, the future of JAX-RS is wide open! In this session we will discuss what is new in JAX-RS 2.1 - reactive client, server sent events and more!  We will look at actual code examples and some best practices.  We will also discuss the future of JAX-RS in the EE4J community.


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