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E-FMP's Extensible Symbolic Execution Tool

Eclipse Formal Modeling Project -E-FMP for short- provides an extensible tool called SymbEx for the development of model-based formal analyses using symbolic execution. This is the first tool to be contributed to the E-FMP project. SymbEx comes with an expressive entry language that captures a wide range of classical models semantics: e.g., UML/SysML, SDL, (Timed) Symbolic Transition Systems and abstractions of Hybrid Automata...

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Inline code annotations in Eclipse Platform with new CodeMining support

Code Mining is a port of Microsoft "CodeLens": a code mining represents a content (ex: label, icons) that should be shown along with source text. Some examples of code mining can be the number of references, links to run tests (with run/debug icons), SCM or code review annotations...

The main goals of code mining are to help developer to understand better the written code and to interact very quickly with it.

Code Mining is shipped by default as part of Eclipse Platform 4.8/Photon release.

In this talk I will present you:

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Scale applications flexibly with MicroProfile

With the right tools, building scalable applications can be much easier than it seems. Eclipse MicroProfile allows you to build such applications easily and you get a variety of options to scale them if you add distributed data grids. These can become a backbone for building horizontally scalable services, while at the same time providing flexible caching to scale up their performance vertically.

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Be reactive and micro with a MicroProfile stack

MicroProfile, RxJava, React.js - what else do you need to build lightweight but robust reactive systems efficiently with opensource tools? Maybe something for effective data processing and distributed persistence? You can have it too with Kafka and Hazelcast. Now let’s have a look at how to assemble all together in almost no time, using Payara Micro.

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