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IDE as a Front-end and Fast time-to-market language support in Eclipse IDE relying on LSP, TextMate and CLI: C# and Rust case studies

In this 5min presentation, we’ll show how the best-of-breed approach can now efficiently be leveraged in Eclipse IDE to quickly provide a good language support by consuming existing pieces of technologies such as language servers, TextMate grammars and Command-Line interfaces.

We’ll use the examples of Eclipse aCute (for C#) and Eclipse Corrosion (for Rust) as case-studies.

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The Reactive Landscape

Reactive Programming, Reactive eXtensions, Reactive Streams, Reactive Systems, Reactive Manifesto, that’s a lot of 'reactive' thingies. Just to make it even more confusing, 'reactive' is often associated with asynchronous, scalability, RX libraries (RX Java, RX-JS), back pressure, streams, observables, futures, promises, spreadsheets and so on…. That's a lot to digest… 

Let’s clarify all these reactive thingies. This session explores the reactive landscape and explains what all these different reactives are and how they are related. 

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MicroProfile meets Istio

MicroProfile defines Config, Fault Tolerance, Health Check, Metrics, Open Tracing, Open API, JWT security, etc, while Istio has Fault Tolerance, Tracing, etc. Will they conflict to each other? Come to this session to find out the work being planned to build an ecosystem for MicroProfile and Istio and how to make MicroProfile-based microservices the best performed microservices in Istio.

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