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A brand new look on document generation with M2Doc

M2Doc is a document generator for creating high-quality Office Open XML (OOX) documents from models and Sirius representations. It uses OOX-based templates where static text authoring benefit from the WYSIWYG capabilities of the usual tools (e.g. Microsoft Word). With M2Doc, users can also leverage the Sirius support to insert diagrams and table automatically into their generated document.

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OpenADx – xcelerate your Autonomous Driving development

Autonomous driving solutions introduce a new complexity into the development of embedded systems in a car. This complexity rises with each level of control and autonomy. New tool categories have to be added like machine learning, but also existing technologies, like simulation, are stretched to their current limits. E.g., it is expected that the validation of a fully autonomous driving solution requires test drives in the amount of billions of kilometers.

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Implementing Language Servers - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

This talk summarizes our experiences from building language servers and integrating and using them across Eclipse, VS Code, and Atom. We talk about the good parts, e.g.:

  • building lightweight tooling
  • the freedom of starting fresh
  • building the tooling once and reusing it across various environments
  • isolated testing

The bad parts, e.g.:

  • no communication among language servers
  • do the work twice or more, ship libraries twice or more

And the really ugly parts, e.g.:

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Open Data at Eclipse: the Crossminer Project

Crossminer is a EU-funded research project that aims to enable the monitoring, in-depth analysis and evidence-based selection of open source components, and to facilitate knowledge extraction from large open-source software repositories. As a partner of the project, the Eclipse Foundation is developing API endpoints and facilities to extract important amounts of data from the forge and make it available to the public, for the research community and the public at large.

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Adopting Language Server for Apache Camel: feedback from a Java/Eclipse plugin developer perspective

Apache Camel is a well-known largely used integration framework which is providing different DSLs most notably inside Java and XML documents.

Dedicated tools are currently available only in 2 different IDEs, each with a very different set of features and no factorization between both. Most Apache Camel users don’t take into account existence of Camel Tooling in the choice of their IDE, as they focus on other criteria, so they miss to use the recommended tools. How to bring tooling to them?


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Meet & Greet the Eclipse Research Project Community

Since 2014, the Eclipse Foundation has been invited to join European Research projects to assist them in dissemination, community building, and OSS best practices. Today, we are directly involved in several EU projects and are in touch with several others who are interested in joining our dynamic community. Some of these projects are just starting, others are in the middle of their timeline and one is finishing in December 2018. Each of these projects has or will have an Eclipse project created on our forge.

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