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From Simfia to Simfia Neo in a year (or so) (sponsored by Obeo)

In this talk, Apsys and Obeo will report on a complete product refactoring experience showing how the sound eclipse modeling platform coupled with the proper development strategy allows a quick (and yet clean and robust !) development.

In December 2016, Apsys decided to modernize Simfia, its safety analysis product and to extend it with new features.

This development uncovered many challenges :

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Building streamed iOS and Android mobile and web apps with one Java code (sponsored by Mindus)

Experience how all apps, mobile or web, are built the same way with iizi!

Discover how one Java code and app streaming technology enables you to build a single cross-platform app for all devices and browsers.

Based on Eclipse IDE, Data Tools Platform (DTP) and Jetty web server, the iizi platform includes prototyping in real-time, UI design, debugging and testing, deployment, a production server with hosting and creation of web and mobile apps for tablet and phone for Android and iOS.

This introduction to iizi will cover:

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E-FMP's Extensible Symbolic Execution Tool

Eclipse Formal Modeling Project -E-FMP for short- provides an extensible tool called SymbEx for the development of model-based formal analyses using symbolic execution. This is the first tool to be contributed to the E-FMP project. SymbEx comes with an expressive entry language that captures a wide range of classical models semantics: e.g., UML/SysML, SDL, (Timed) Symbolic Transition Systems and abstractions of Hybrid Automata...

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EMF + Xtend = BOEM - An Xtend library to build good-looking compiling EMF models

Working on evolving EMF Metamodels?
Testing your business rules?
You surely need easy-to-evolve instances of your metamodel!

In classic approaches, you either had the choice of creating static model instances, which are difficult to maintain, or to use the EMF API (hopefully with some custom helpers) to create compiling models, which are hardly understandable and a real reference nightmare.

Tons of outdated resources or boilerplate code to fix, on a simple metamodel modification. don’t let your tests bring you down.

BOEM will make your day.

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Papyrus as a Platform

Model-based engineering tools are most successful, if they are as domain-specific as possible, reflecting the specific needs of the domain and its users. Thus, not only a domain-specific modeling language, but also a specialized modeling environment is required that takes the domain users' background, their roles, and currently used infrastructure into account. Often, the domain-specific modeling languages have a considerable overlap with UML though.

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Lessons learned from building Eclipse-based add-ons for commercial modeling tools

Everyone loves open source modeling tools, especially those which are based on Eclipse Modeling. However, there are also a number of commercial modeling solutions, which play important roles in several industries. Some of these are based on open source frameworks and are also extensible like Eclipse itself – which makes them very interesting to technology providers who are looking for opportunities to find new audience and commercialize their solutions.

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Meet Polarsys Time4Sys : timing verification now available to everyone!

In industries such as Space, Avionics, Railway or Automotive, when designing your system, you take great care that the proper actions are not triggered too late (e.g. automatic emergency braking after the detection of an obstacle), even in the worst case. But the complexity of real time analysis (jitter, latency, deadline, scheduling policies, deadlocks among other funny things) added to the complexity of those systems make this worst case response time impossible to calculate by hand.

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Modeling tools go up to the cloud…

In this talk we will present our plan to move Eclipse Sirius to the web and the cloud. At Obeo, we have been working on modeling tools in general, and on Sirius in particular, for a long time now. Until now, Sirius has relied exclusively on the Eclipse Platform, and consequently the graphical modelers based on it are desktop applications. Today we are ready to work with you to bring graphical modeling tools up to the cloud.

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