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E-FMP's Extensible Symbolic Execution Tool

Eclipse Formal Modeling Project -E-FMP for short- provides an extensible tool called SymbEx for the development of model-based formal analyses using symbolic execution. This is the first tool to be contributed to the E-FMP project. SymbEx comes with an expressive entry language that captures a wide range of classical models semantics: e.g., UML/SysML, SDL, (Timed) Symbolic Transition Systems and abstractions of Hybrid Automata...

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Building streamed iOS and Android mobile and web apps with one Java code

Experience how all apps, mobile or web, are built the same way with iizi!

Discover how one Java code and app streaming technology enables you to build a single cross-platform app for all devices and browsers.

Based on Eclipse IDE, Data Tools Platform (DTP) and Jetty web server, the iizi platform includes prototyping in real-time, UI design, debugging and testing, deployment, a production server with hosting and creation of web and mobile apps for tablet and phone for Android and iOS.

This introduction to iizi will cover:

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Developing business web applications with form-based UIs

Many business applications are data-driven and require viewing and entering data in forms… countless forms. Unfortunately, writing HTML5-based web forms manually is still error-prone and tedious, even with the help of modern web application frameworks like Angular. A form may seem simple at first, but you usually need to add live validation and error markers, rule-based visibility, input restrictions, and the like. As you can imagine, it quickly gets out of hand. Finally, when you have many of these forms the code becomes unmaintainable.

In this talk, we will present JSON Forms, a component of the EMF Client Platform Eclipse project, which is focused on form-based UIs and built with web components. JSON Forms utilizes JSON Schema and JSON to describe the data as well as its mapping to a form - both in a declarative way. A renderer will then take care to render a UI with HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

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Web-based Modeling Tools

Slowly but steadily, selected developer tools are being migrated to web technology using emerging technologies such as Atom, Eclipse Che, Monaco, Theia, or LSP. Those technologies are mainly dealing with textual editing (source code, DSLs), but what about non-textual modeling? Many existing tools are essentially modeling tools. They allow you to create models that can be manipulated in tree- and form-based editors as well as in graphical editors.

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Semantic Editing in Xtext

With Xtext it is really easy to build smart editors and IDE integration for your textual languages. And “smart” just turned into “brilliant”. 
The latest Xtext release ships with a new infrastructure (called ChangeSerializer) for semantic editing, which allows to implement significantly more powerful Refactorings and QuickFixes for your language. In this talk I will:

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Collaborative modeling in industry-scale projects

Providing complete and easy to use solutions for collaborative modeling in Eclipse-based design environments is a key requirement in many organizations where software is developed using model-driven methodologies. Such solutions should provide both a complete integration to the SCM system used, as well as provide means for code review - all this at model rather than code level.

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Test-Driven Domain-Specific Language Development with Xtext

Red. Green. Refactor. The mantra of test-driven development is an essential part of professional software craftsmanship. But can we apply the same principles and guidelines when developing a domain-specific language (DSL) with Eclipse Xtext?

The answer is a loud and clear: YES!

Xtext is not only backed by a large number of automated test cases, it also fosters language developers to deliver automated test cases for their own language workbenches.

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