Workshop: Building Cloud and Desktop IDEs with Theia

Theia is the new star on the dev tools sky: with Theia, you can write your own IDE-like applications that run as desktop tools as well as in the browser. Theia is web-native, entirely written in Typescript, and offers a degree of customizability similar to Eclipse RCP. It is open source and in the process of becoming an Eclipse project, backed by companies like TypeFox, Ericsson, RedHat, and IBM. Theia has already been selected as the new front-end technology for Eclipse Che.

In this workshop, you’ll get acquainted with the base architecture of Theia, you will learn how to compose existing building blocks to author your own specialized IDE, and you will see how to implement your own extensions.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 09:30 to 12:30

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