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Eclipse MicroProfile - New and Noteworthy

When the Eclipse Microprofile initiative was started in 2016, it only took about three months before version 1.0 was launched. From day one, there were four different implementations from four different vendors available.

And the progress does not stop there! Whereas version 1.0 was a subset of Java EE specifications, the following versions bring additional technologies useful for building microservices.

Current version contains APIs and implementations for: 

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MicroProfile meets Istio

MicroProfile defines Config, Fault Tolerance, Health Check, Metrics, Open Tracing, Open API, JWT security, etc, while Istio has Fault Tolerance, Tracing, etc. Will they conflict to each other? Come to this session to find out the work being planned to build an ecosystem for MicroProfile and Istio and how to make MicroProfile-based microservices the best performed microservices in Istio.

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