Jenkins Essentials: an evergreen version of Jenkins

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At the last contributor Summit, Kohsuke Kawaguchi, creator of Jenkins, challenged us to make Jenkins easy enough for an end-user to go from "zero" to continuously delivering a project in under 5 clicks and under 5 minutes.

The Jenkins Project is working on providing its users with a brand new, strongly opinionated, and continuously delivered distribution of Jenkins: Jenkins Essentials [1]. Constantly self-updating, including auto-rollback, with an aggressive subset of verified plugins.

In this talk, we will detail how this works: how we run and upgrade Jenkins itself. How instances are continuously sending health data back to help automated decision-making about the quality of given new release, and decide to generalize a given version of Jenkins to the whole fleet, or roll it back.

We will end giving an overview of the status of the project: how it's managed in a fully open manner, from design to code and its infrastructure, and all the radical solutions to imagine and the upcoming challenges for the next months.


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