Building a Data-River with Eclipse Cyclone DDS

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Now that there’s consensus that DATA is the currency of IoT, a “Data-River” is required that assures robust, timely and secure end-to-end delivery and availability of that data i.e. from highly-embedded devices in the OT-domain via microservices that create information from that ‘raw data’ (by combining, normalizing, transforming, filtering and which run either at the edge or in a cloud) up to end-users that exploit the value from that information (e.g. by increasing efficiency, applying preventive maintenance etc). This talk shows how DDS is ‘the engine’ in ADLINK’s Vortex Edge “Data-River” and how it provides plug-and-play solutions to create value from your IoT data. Use-cases as well as live-demo’s will be shown by plugging and playing with some elementary sensors and dashboards interconnected by this DDS-based "Data-River".

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