Automatic Project Assessment and Visualization based on Quality Models

Prosoul: Automatic Project Assessment and Visualization based on Quality Models

In project CROSSMINER [1] hundreds of different metrics related to software projects are generated: activity metrics like the number of commits or issues created, product metrics like code complexity or lines or code, community metrics like number of committers, issue reporters or newcomers or natural language processing metrics like comments emotions.

To organize all those metric in a meaningful way, Software Quality Models are used to develop a common understanding of the project's objectives and goals. During this talk the Open Source ProSoul [2] project will be presented which includes a viewer, an editor, a visualizer and project assessment based all on quality models.

All the visualization and assessment of the software projects is done automatically based on:

  • A quality model
  • A metrics provider backend
  • Visualization templates 
  • Thresholds levels

Once the process is escalable enough, being automatic in nature, it can be applied to thousands of projects with a low cost and effort.

ProSoul supports CROSSMINER and GrimoireLab metric providers, and the visualizations are done using Kibana web dashboards.



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