Tracks: JakartaEE, MicroServices, Microprofiles and EE4J


by Emily Jiang

Meet the communities, learn about the technologies and get the latest news around these important Java initiatives. This track offers some background information on MicroProfile and Jakarta EE, as well as best practices and practical tips on building your cloud-native microservices, how to scale them, and how to secure them.

Newcomers to these projects can experience the following talks to get an up-to-date view on MicroProfile and Jakarta EE

This track also covers the best practices and practical tips on building Microservices:

There are also talks focused some MicroProfile specification in deep dive, such as

Wondering how to move from giant applications towards microservices. The following session will teach you how to move from a large RCP application to microservices.

Last but not least, want to learn one of the most essential Java EE8 specifications? Come to the following session to learn more about:

Attend some or all of the sessions to network with MicroProfile and Jakarta EE members and get connected, or re-connected, to the community.




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