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Meet the research community

Tap into the research community at EclipseCon France!

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Tracks: JakartaEE, MicroServices, Microprofiles and EE4J

by Emily Jiang

Meet the communities, learn about the technologies and get the latest news around these important Java initiatives. This track offers some background information on MicroProfile and Jakarta EE, as well as best practices and practical tips on building your cloud-native microservices, how to scale them, and how to secure them.

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Interview: Building streamed iOS and Android apps with one Java code

Learn more about Christopher Mindus and his talk on the iizi platform “Building streamed iOS and Android mobile and web apps with one Java code”.

..The iizi platform is a Java and app streaming platform that enables developers to build a cross-platform app for Android and iOS mobile devices and a browser-based web app, using a single code base. It includes tools for WYSIWYG UI design, real-time prototyping, debugging and testing as well as for setting up a production server.

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Sponsor Testimonial: Typefox

EclipseCon France is around the corner, and we at TypeFox are proud to sponsor this great community gathering again. Eclipse has morphed from being an IDE, over a tooling platform to an entire ecosystem, adopting trends and leading new endeavors like IoT, cloud technology and Jakarta EE ...

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Interview: Cloud scale IoT messaging

Eclipse Hono is a cloud-based IoT connectivity platform. In this interview Jens Reimann and Dejan Bosanac's give us insights into the project. You can learn more at their talk, Cloud scale IoT messaging.

"..IoT connectivity is one of the main challenges in building IoT cloud platforms, as having a single broker is not enough anymore. Hono solves scalable messaging problem with adding more specifics to IoT use cases. This means it’s interesting to other companies that want to build their own IoT cloud platforms..."

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Interview: Making EMF Intelligent with AI

Niranjan Babu's talk Making EMF Intelligent with AI was chosen as an early bird selection. Read this brief Q&A with Niranjan to find out more about the I-EMF project.

Q: How did you begin with the idea of combining AI with EMF?

A: EMF is used extensively as a modeling framework in the automotive world and the entire world is moving towards model driven development. These modeling frameworks are thus critical in determining the efficiency of software development. I thought the best way to improve efficiency is to make these models intelligent. That is when machine learning came into picture and I decided to combine machine learning with EMF.

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Learn about JakartaEE, MicroServices, MicroProfile and EE4J

Meet the communities, learn about the technologies and get the latest news around these important Java initiatives. Newcomers to these projects can experience talks ranging from Building a 12-factor microservice in half an hour to an introduction to JarkartaEE,  Java EE to Jakarta EE: a user perspective. Those already involved can hear the latest New & Noteworthy on the Eclipse Microprofile project or learn about JAX-RS 2.1 & Beyond. There’s much more - follow this link to these topics and start planning your conference!

Who, what, when, where at EclipseCon France?

The schedule is now published, so you can work on your plan for the week! Thank you again for all the great submissions that make up this fantastic program.

There are even more choices this year, since Wednesday has five concurrent talks all day with a special focus on Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile.

Stay tuned for more about the Unconference on June 12. We'll see you soon in Toulouse!

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