Interview: Cloud scale IoT messaging

Eclipse Hono is a cloud-based IoT connectivity platform. In this interview Jens Reimann and Dejan Bosanac's give us insights into the project. You can learn more at their talk, Cloud scale IoT messaging.

Q: Eclipse Hono reached its 2nd birthday and Release 0.5 earlier this year. What have been your highlights on this journey?

A: The main highlight of Hono was how building a healthy project community can foster collaboration and move project forward from the technical perspective as well. The Eclipse Foundation is a great place for doing so.

Q: Tell us about your users.

A: IoT connectivity is one of the main challenges in building IoT cloud platforms, as having a single broker is not enough anymore. Hono solves scalable messaging problem with adding more specifics to IoT use cases. This means it’s interesting to other companies that want to build their own IoT cloud platforms. We expect to see these integration efforts only increase in the future.

Seeing Hono being on the roadmap for integration with many other Eclipse IoT community projects was great. It proves the necessity for the project like this and that technical foundations were done properly.

Q: Are there things that you would love to tell a new developer implementing an Hono application?

A: Hono defines IoT oriented APIs so that developers coming to the project can focus on their devices and cloud applications. It comes with an example setup to help giving you an easy start. But thanks to the modular architecture you can extend the setup based on that to easily add your custom components and tweak the deployment to the cloud platform you prefer.

Q: What should developers looks for in release 0.6?

A: “Command and control” is the main theme of the upcoming 0.6 release. Until this point our main focus was “devices to cloud” communication and supporting properly “telemetry” use cases. With 0.6 we move forward to introduce “cloud to device” communication patterns. More specifically “command and control” API which should allow users to address devices using various protocols over appropriate protocol adapters.

The next release will also feature a first step towards a broader Eclipse integration with other Eclipse IoT projects, making easier to combine various projects.

Q: Any special messages for the EclipseCon France attendees?

A: During EclipseCon France you’ll have an opportunity to hear and see more about Hono. Come see our session and talk to us about everything you ever wanted to know about Hono and see it in action.

Additionally, during the Unconference day the Eclipse IoT integration group will meet and continue to discuss current and future integration plans around Eclipse Hono. If you’re interested in these topics and the future plans of Hono (and Eclipse IoT projects in general), please join us at EclipseCon France.


Jens Reimann
Dejan Bosanac

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