Interview: Building streamed iOS and Android apps with one Java code

Learn more about Christopher Mindus and his talk on the iizi platform “Building streamed iOS and Android mobile and web apps with one Java code”.

Q: What is the iizi platform?

A: The iizi platform is a Java and app streaming platform that enables developers to build a cross-platform app for Android and iOS mobile devices and a browser-based web app, using a single code base. It includes tools for WYSIWYG UI design, real-time prototyping, debugging and testing as well as for setting up a production server. Creation of hybrid apps for Google Play and App Store is also included. Covering the entire app life cycle, iizi apps may even be hosted in iiziCloud.


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: Autodidact, my passion for computers goes back to 1975, when I wrote my first program at 11. I created and sold my first customized ERP program at 14, to a plumber company for a tennis racket. Through the years, I master 37 computing languages. Curious and creative since childhood, if I cannot find what I am looking for, I create it.

Q: What is the story behind iizi?

A: During the bank crisis in the 90’s, a diversification of activities such as insurance products was forced onto the banks. Working for Tieto Sweden at that time, with primarily banks as customers, I thought of how to help our customers to cope with this unexpected multiple database situation. I created NetPhantom, an Eclipse-based solution; an integration platform that gives user friendly modern Windows user interface to old mainframes green-black screens. It allows to keep highly expensive heritage with a modern use. Always state of the art today and broadly still in use, this solution is cost saving, sustainable and highly secure.


In 2007, I envisioned the pain of developers facing the multiple devices, operating systems, mobile, languages, security issues emerging on the market. With my expertise in critical businesses, and my knowledge, I felt that I could contribute for the well-being of developers. “Code is hard. But code is freedom. That is why I chose to reinvent the code. Simple, sustainable and powerful.”

Q: What can participants expect from your talk?

A: iizi can help you to deliver high quality and sustainable apps with less expensive skills. I will guide you through the iizi architecture, with an eye to how this is done. I’ll explain why we stayed loyal to the Eclipse platform and its solid plug-ins. I will also demonstrate how Event driven systems can be combined with streaming. We give back the code to developers and the design to designers.

Hoping that this introduction has caught your attention, I invite you to discover iizi!



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