About the Program Committee

Each of the community members below has committed to serving as a member of the core team that chooses the conference program. The committee will review, discuss, and evaluate each session prior to finalizing the program, taking into account the community reviews and other criteria (overall program diversity, speaker experience, quality of talk description, and more).


To contact the program committee, send email.

Tracy Miranda (committee chair) is a developer, open source evangelist and veteran of the Eclipse community. She is founder of Kichwa Coders, a consultancy specialising in Eclipse tools for embedded and scientific software. She is also a steering committee member for the Eclipse science working group. Tracy has a background in electronics system design, including patents for her work on processor architectures. She writes for opensouce.com and jaxenter.com on tech, open source & diversity.

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Stéphane Bégaudeau is an Eclipse Modeling consultant at Obeo, a strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation. He is experienced with modeling technologies and web development and he is the leader of the Acceleo project. He is also an active committer on both Eclipse Sirius and Eclipse EEF. Stéphane has given multiple presentations at EclipseCon in the past. In his free time, he likes to travel around the world.

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Alain Bernard is the Future Capabilities Architect for Flight Physics at Airbus, where he studies the opportunities of migrating to cloud-native applications, using APIs, microservices, and all this kind of stuff. He also promotes the Eclipse ecosystem within Airbus and participates in the PolarSsys and Science working groups. After work, he also shares his knowledge of Eclipse technologies on the French website developpez.com. In his spare time, he likes hiking in the mountains everywhere in the world or making his home lights blink with a RaspberryPi.

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Simon Chemouil works as a freelance software architect and builds distributed systems in Java/OSGi. On a never-ending quest to build robust and efficient software, he is interested in high performance and likes to mix ideas from functional programming, model-driven design and component-based architecture.

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David Delabassée is a software evangelist working for Oracle where he focuses on server-side Java… from Java EE/EE4J to Serverless and Java running in the cloud. David is a seasoned speaker and regular presenter at JavaOne and other conferences. In his various roles, he has been involved in numerous Java projects since the early days of this technology. David lives in Belgium and in his spare time, he tinkers with technologies such as home automation, electronics, pinballs, etc. But more importantly, he enjoys playing video games with his daughter!

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Emily Jiang is Lead Development Architect for MicroProfile Development and CDI for IBM. Based at IBM's Hursley laboratory in the UK, she has worked on the WebSphere Application Server since 2006 and is heavily involved in JavaEE implementation in WebSphere Application Server releases. She is a key member of MicroProfile and CDI Expert Group, and leads the specification of MicroProfile Config and Fault Tolerance. Emily is also Config JSR co-spec lead. She regularly speaks at conferences, such as JAX, Voxxed, Devoxx and EclipseCon.

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Rémi Schnekenburger is the general manager of EclipseSource France as well as a consultant and software engineer. His focus is on Java, Eclipse Modeling, Papyrus and UML/SysML. Rémi is an active member of the Eclipse community, having been involved in the modeling package maintenance and in several projects as a committer. He has been playing with Eclipse plugins for almost 15 years, mainly around modeling topics. He also participates in the Papyrus Industrial Consortium working group as the chair of the architecture committee.

Aurélie Vache is a developer at Continental Intelligent Transportation Systems in Toulouse, France. She has been working as a developer for more than 10 years. Formerly a Java / JEE developer, then Web, Full-Stack, and Lead developer, she is now a Cloud developer and doing DevOps on connected and autonomous car projects. She likes Big Data technologies and loves writing technical articles. As a leader in Duchess France, an association that promotes female developers and women in IT, she is strongly involved with their coaching initiative #AdoptADuchess that helps junior developers and people in reconversion. She is also one of DevFest Toulouse organizers and a member of the Toulouse Data Science (TDS) core team.

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