Xtext Summit

What is the Xtext Summit?

The Xtext Summit is a gathering of Xtext developers, users, and interested people and is co-located with EclipseCon France 2017. This is a two-day event, starting with a special track at the Unconference (June 20) and a dedicated track on the first day of EclipseCon France (June 21).

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Why attend the Summit?

Xtext is a well known framework and highly represented at conferences like EclipseCon around the world. Xtext Summit is the place for experienced language designers to come together and talk about the technically challenging aspects of Xtext. Talks on Xtext have been included in recent EclipseCon programs, but the Summit allows us to focus more strongly and go more deeply into current Xtext topics.

So join us at the Xtext Summit to see what's new and hot in the Xtext world. Take the opportunity to enjoy lovely Toulouse! We look forward to seeing you there.

Summit Agenda

Day 1 - Tuesday, June 20

Workshop: Building a Language Server with Xtext

We’ll start at the Unconference with a short kick-off, followed by a hands-on workshop to get started with Xtext – especially the brand new LSP support. Beginners are welcome; the basic concepts will be covered. If you are an Xtext pro, attend to learn more about the LSP support added in 2.11.0. The workshop will also demonstrate how to integrate DSLs developed with Xtext into LSP, supporting IDEs like Eclipse Che, VisualStudio Code, and others.

For workshop registration and details, please see this page.

Fishbowl Discussions

After the lunch break, we’ll continue with a fishbowl discussion around the things you are interested in. Take the opportunity to get in touch with the people who drive the framework and ask questions. The fishbowl lasts for one hour.


In the afternoon we will have a hackathon, where we will hack on Xtext bugs and features together. The goal of course is to show how to contribute to the project. We’ll pick a set of simpler bugs show how to set up the development environment.

Day 2 - Wednesday, June 21

Conference Talks

At the first official conference day, we’ll have a full track dedicated to Xtext. Please help making this an awesome program by submitting an interesting session in the Xtext Summit track.


Day 1 is part of the Eclipse Unconference. Day 2 is part of EclipseCon France. Please see this page for registration details. There is no requirement to attend both days, but those who do will get the most benefit from the Xtext Summit. Your registration fee includes beverages, snacks, and lunch.


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