Toulouse and the Region

We are happy to be returning to Toulouse for EclipseCon France 2017.

For those of you not familiar with this beautiful city, below are some suggestions for things to see if you have extra time while attending the conference.

Whether you stay in Toulouse or explore the countryside, you'll eat very well. The area is known for cassoulet, foie gras, Armagnac, and Basque cuisine.

basilica Basilica of St. Sernin

The City of Toulouse

Located on the River Garonne, Toulouse is France's fourth-largest city. The world-renowned Université de Toulouse, founded in 1229, has over 110,000 students (now split into three separate universities). Toulouse is the seat of the Midi-Pyrénées region, and the unofficial capital of Occitan culture. It is also the center of the European aerospace industry and the leading European city for embedded systems development.

Jacobin column Church of the Jacobins

Day Trips from Toulouse

    Historical Sites

  • The medieval fortified city of Carcassone, founded by the Visigoths in the fifth century, is an hour's drive southeast of Toulouse.
  • Albi, on the Tarn River and an hour northeast of Toulouse, has the impressive Cathèdrale Ste. Cécile and the Toulouse-Lautrec Museum. It's also known as the home of the 13th-century Cathars.
  • The hilltop village of Cordes sur Ciel, also about an hour northeast of Toulouse, is set along the Cérou river, with vineyards and wineries nearby (see more on wineries below).
  • For more Cathar experiences, see these websites: Montségur and Puylaurens have especially stunning views of the countryside.


    There are lots of opportunities for wine tasting and winery visits!

    • Gaillac, at the east end of Toulouse
    • Fronton, north of Toulouse
    • Buzet, between Toulouse and Bordeaux

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