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MicroEJ is a leading editor of cost-driven embedded middleware solutions for the smart digital world. With more than 15M€ of R&D investment, MicroEJ is focused on providing turnkey embedded software products to solve major business challenges: design-to-cost & fast go-to-market strategies.

The MicroEJ product line offers profitable IoT solutions to OEMs, application developers and service providers for:

- Device software development at lower cost and effort

- Application development and deployment for generating extra revenue streams with services and data.


MicroEJ solutions enable delivery of user experience and business models similar to mobile Internet for embedded devices with strong cost constraints and strict resource limitations. MicroEJ solutions also combine the techniques, methods and tools that drove the PC and mobile Internet software industry, with the complex technical foundations of embedded.


MicroEJ OS is a scalable operating system for resource-constrained embedded, IoT and wearable devices. It is optimized for the wide range of IoT hardware architectures and enables device manufacturers to deliver differentiating firmware using MicroEJ MicroEJ SDK, based on the Eclipse IDE.


MicroEJ Studio allows application developers to write applications and publish them to a MicroEJ Application Store from which they can be downloaded by users of MicroEJ-ready devices.


With MicroEJ solutions, OEMs use proven methods that cut software development time and cost. They create software that delivers incredible user experience and adjusts to the needs of Internet business.


MicroEJ experiences a strong and steady growth in a large variety of industries including home appliances, wearable technologies, communication devices, energy, automotive, medical, industrial control, metering, and building automation. Its powerful network of partners, from silicon vendors to experts of embedded systems, contributes to its global awareness. 

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