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To give you a better idea of the content in store for you, speakers are invited to pitch their talks to you with the single slides or articles linked below.


Max Bureck

From nothing to complete environment with Maven, Oomph & Docker
by Max Bureck

Sometimes building integrations into classical Eclipse/OSGi based technologies has a long and error prone ramp-up phase. This alienates new developers and even bothers experienced programmers, making Eclipse based technology seem more complicated than it really is. Fortunately a little automation can already go a long way.

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Melanie Bats speaker pitch

All about UX in Sirius
by Melanie Bats

Your Sirius designer has the ability to leave a lasting impression on your end users, and every detail counts. In this presentation, you will see the new features to improve the user experience of your own Sirius-based designers. This talk will start by reviewing how to improve Sirius diagrams with a consistent style guide to quickly communicate your intent to your users and tips and tricks to speed up common tasks.

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B612 Font Analysis

Polar Sys B612 font- the new font for future cockpits?
by Laurent Spaggiari

Various studies have been conducted to assess the quality of displays on Airbus equipment including the A380, A400M and A350. The general conclusion was that the displays could be improved in terms of readability (detecting and/or reducing risk of error) and of reading comfort. In addition, if you included the screen used to display pilot/maintenance documentation, the cockpit was not homogenous due to the multiple fonts used.

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Mickael Istria speaker pitch

Language Server Protocol in action: C# in Eclipse IDE, Java in VSCode, your language everywhere
by Mickael Istria

The Language Server Protocol in a popular IDE-independent and Language-independent interface to provide and consume language edition services - such as code analysis, completion, hyperlinking... It basically lets the language providers implement the protocol as a server, and the IDEs consume the protocol as a client to have the IDEs presenting the language-specific data without having to know about the language. This protocol already has multiple success stories.

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Cedric Brun and Jan Koehnlein speaker pitch

Integrating Xtext and Sirius: Strategies and Pitfalls
by Jan Koehnlein and Cedric Brun

Xtext and Sirius are both based on the Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) and as such combinable. But once you have the most basic integration running you will stumble across strange issues. Getting rid of these requires a deeper understanding on how both frameworks treat their models and a clear vision on what you want to achieve..

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Aurelien Pupier speaker pitch

Why and how to leverage Apache Camel Integration Framework in your IoT architecture
by Aurelien Pupier

Apache Camel framework is one of the most used Integration framework in middleware field. What about reusing it in your IoT infrastructure? During the talk, I will explain the benefits of Apache Camel and how to leverage them in your IoT infrastructure, from gateways in Eclipse Kura to cloud in Eclipse Kapua.

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Philip Wenig Speaker Pitch

Charts to the Eclipse people - The making-of
by Philip Wenig

What is more comprehensible: a table with tons of values or a chart? The answer depends on the point of view. The computer better "understands" the table. But we humans are very good when it comes to image recognition. Personally, I prefer the image too. Next question: Is a lightweight charting library available in the Eclipse ecosystem? Sure, solutions exist like Eclipse BIRT [1] or the Eclipse Nebula visualization widgets [2]. But I missed a library which can be easily used and extended.

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Ethics in software

My Minecraft-Smart-Home: Prototyping the Internet of Uncanny Things
by Sascha Wolter

Software solutions and everyday objects are becoming increasingly "smarter", take over more "responsibility" and know more and more about us and our intentions. But what does that mean for developers, and what impact does this have on the user? How do we convey the understanding and competence for this Internet of Things?

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Speaker Pitch Hilbrich

Simulating Future Mobility
by Robert Hilbrich

SUMO (Simulation of Urban Mobility) is a microscopic traffic simulator. In this talk, SUMO and its capabilities for the realistic simulation of cars, buses, bikes, pedestrians, trains and even ships in cities, such as Berlin, are presented in an overview. A short and hands-on tutorial for the live creation of a simulation scenario is provided.

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Ethics in software

Ethics in Software
by Boris Baldassari

Software is impacting every area of our lives, and will be even more omnipresent in the future.

In this session we will take the opportunity to consider the ethical implications of software development and production, why it is important, and how we can do it better for the world and for ourselves while still being pragmatic.

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