Visualizing Xtext models with Sirius - Beyond Lines and Boxes

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Domain-specific languages implemented with Xtext have proven to be powerful in many areas ranging from requirements specifications to programming languages. One key factor to success is the textual representation of the model which eases creation, maintainance and especially merging. Nevertheless, at some point a graphical representation simplifies the communication by giving a broader overview of the modeled elements.

The Showtime Demo consists of mutiple examples. Each example illustrates how Xtext and Sirius can be combined to create rich graphical notations. Based on different sample DSLs, capabilities such as custom styles, tabular representations, filters, and conditional styles are used to create domain-specific diagrams. 


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Although I was at EclipseCon France 2017, I missed your shouwtime demo.  Can you share a couple of diagrams created from textual models?  Thank you very much in advance.


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