Three Software Stacks Required for IoT Solutions

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The typical architecture of any IoT solutions involves constrained devices, IoT gateways and IoT Cloud Platforms. This presentation will provide some insight into the software requirements for this type of architecture and identify three software stacks required for building an IoT solution. 

The presentation will also give an overview of open source projects available today for IoT developers and in particular how the Eclipse IoT community is delivering technology for each of the 3 software stacks required for IoT solutions. 

Mickael Istria (Red Hat Inc.)'s picture

Hi Ian,

As I read the abstract, it really seems like an introduction to IoT stacks and Eclipse solutions that won't get into technical details. If this is right, I suggest you change the experience level to beginner.

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Ian Skerrett (Eclipse Foundation)'s picture

ok I made the change.  It is often hard to judge experience levels. There are a lot of new terms and technology for IoT that many people might not know.  

I am fine with a beginner level.

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