Visualizing Xtext models with Sirius - Beyond Lines and Boxes

Domain-specific languages implemented with Xtext have proven to be powerful in many areas ranging from requirements specifications to programming languages. One key factor to success is the textual representation of the model which eases creation, maintainance and especially merging. Nevertheless, at some point a graphical representation simplifies the communication by giving a broader overview of the modeled elements.

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All about UX in Sirius

Your Sirius designer has the ability to leave a lasting impression on your end users, and every detail counts. In this presentation, you will see the new features to improve the user experience of your own Sirius-based designers.

This talk will start by reviewing how to improve Sirius diagrams with a consistent style guide to quickly communicate your intent to your users and tips and tricks to speed up common tasks.

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EcoreTools-Next: Executable DSL made (more) accessible

Various Eclipse Modeling technologies are trying to empower domain experts in the creation of specific tools.  Using EcoreTools and Sirius a domain expert can define languages, graphical modelers and editors without writing a single line of Java code or launching a new Eclipse runtime. However, when come the time to add behaviors to the language structure (e.g., to implement interpreters, compilers, static analysis, refactoring, or generators), the domain expert has to face all the complexity of Eclipse Plugin development, OSGi, Java and much more.

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