Simplified Open Source Contributions with Eclipse Che

Today, OpenSource contributions have never been that simple thanks to Git and Pull Requests. The old days when external contributions were done through “patch” files attached to a issue tracker is over!!!!! We can send our contributions with Github Pull Requests.
However, OpenSource projects are not always that simple to setup and submitting a Pull Request may involve a lot of Git manipulations that can discourage external contributors ...
With URL Factories, Che can generate on demand developer environments. We have worked on an implementation of the URL factory for Github that can simplify all the tricky Git steps to make them simpler and more efficient:

  • Clone
  • Fork if necessary
  • Code in a custom Docker workspace
  • Commit
  • Push to the fork
  • Create the PR

During this session, I will demo the feature and create pull requests to Che to improve the Che Pull Request panel ... from the Che Pull Request panel. I will also show you how to prepare and integrate these kind of Factory URL and include them to your Github files.

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