Reach IoT interoperability with standard and open source APIs

A new world of services emerges from the data and the services delivered by the growing variety of things – devices, sensors, actuators – potentially available. The Internet of Things offers an industrial vision of this new world of services.

Many labs in the world are working on an infrastructure that could host any service and connect any device. Such an infrastructure would unleash the creativity of IoT application developers and IoT device makers. This objective raises two main challenges: A first challenge is to represent the wide variety of devices in the infrastructure with common models that are known by application developers. A second challenge lies in the security and privacy that the user requires to control the combination of data and functions accessible by every application and user.

The presentation will provide a vision of an open end-to-end architecture providing standard APIs on a cloud platform and a home gateway to host any application and connect any device. Among the standard organizations and industrial alliances, oneM2M standard specifications are being adopted as a reference architecture by the IoT industry. The implementation of oneM2M standard features in eclipse OM2M will be detailed, especially the use of an abstraction layer using oneM2M Smart Device Template and the end-to-end access right management discriminating both applications and users when accessing devices.

This infrastructure is currently prototyped thanks to the integration of open source software bricks provided by eclipse OM2M ( open initiative.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 09:00 to 09:35
Ian Skerrett (Eclipse Foundation)'s picture

The oneM2M standard is getting a lot of attention so I think this would be an interesting talk for individuals interested in IoT. 

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Seven Gan (Huawei)'s picture

OM2M is the best practice of oneM2M implementation based on OSGi framework. Hope to know more about the application of SDT in OM2M:)

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Andreas Kraft (Deutsche Telekom T-Labs)'s picture

This is an important topic in an important field: How does open source development and open standards influence international standardization and vice versa.

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Thierry Monteil (LAAS-CNRS)'s picture

A talk from implicated people in OM2M on two main challenges for high diffusion of IoT with a industrial, standardisation, pragmatic and innovation point of view. This should be an interesting moment. 

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Nicolas Seydoux's picture

Standards such as oneM2M are an important step to interoperability between IoT devices, helping the consumers out of the silos built by vertical integration. Open-source software is also dedicated to the user, its freedom, and its security. Therefore, this should be an interesting talk.

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Sebastien Bolle (Orange Labs)'s picture

Important topic of course and a presentation which should give practical feedbacks on standard and open source implementations.

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Mahdi Ben Alaya (Sensinov)'s picture

I believe standards and open source are key enablers to provide IoT platforms that are communicable, interoperable, and programmable across devices and applications, regardless of maker, model, manufacturer or industry. With its prominent release 3 and upcoming 4th interop event, oneM2M standard has grown in maturity meeting the requirements of industrial IoT in terms of semantic and security. Thank you for this great talk!

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