Pull Request, Mattermost connectors, Tracker Query Language - the latest Tuleap big features

In the latest versions, Tuleap confirms its ALM strategy: providing tooling for all the software teams members: for developers, here are Git Pull Requests, for Project Leads, the Advanced Tracker Query Language, for Agile people, Mattermost Scrum reports.
This talk will explain you how to use these valuable features now available on the tuleap.eclipse.org platform put at all Eclipse projects' disposal.

With Git Pull requests into Tuleap, make code review easy. Use the online interface for discussing proposed changes before integrating them into the master repository.
Project Managers will be keen of the Tracker Query Langage. This expert mode enables complexe queries in issue trackers combining fields elements as : «summary = "soap" OR summary = "rest") AND description = "documentation" AND story_points BETWEEN(3, 8). Results can be  saved as tables or charts.
Tuleap Mattermost plugins enable now agile crew to  get a fresh snapshot of the daily stand-up modifications, Receive right in your channel the updated burdnown chart and a sum up of the current Stories.  In the same idea, you can now configure your Git repo to notify a dev channel when someone pushes.

Come to see them in action

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Thursday, June 22, 2017 - 16:00 to 16:35

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