The new era of ALM in Airbus with Tuleap (sponsored by Airbus)

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For two years, Airbus has performed a huge change in its mindset and focuses more and more on Open-Source. Large applications have been developed with Open-Source technologies but also with Open-Source mindset (open ways of working). Airbus becomes more and more digitalized and there is no digitalization without Open-Source: who have ever seen or done Big Data without Open-Source?

To support this new ways of working, an agile environment is required and it has become a reality with Tuleap, the Open-Source Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) software. Tuleap has been deployed for one year across Airbus and its advantages like the easy configuration allow matching the expectations of all teams. The integration of Git allows also the whole traceability from the expression of customer needs to code versions pushed by the developer, which is critical for our daily work where traceability is required in all our activities.

Moreover, Tuleap is a dynamic project that moves all the time to match expectations of customers. Monthly releases embedding new features like the integration of Mattermost prove that Tuleap is the ALM of the future.

In this session we will also demonstrate how we use Tuleap in the Engineering domain, integrated with Eclipse, to automatically send and monitor errors from the end-users applications to the server.

Finally, we will focus on how Tuleap will be the masterpiece of Airbus’ DevOps strategy.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 11:30 to 12:20

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